Basic Info

Game: The Day We Fall

Developer: Uphill Promise

Release Date: Approximately Mid-2018


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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Store Targets: Steam, GOG

Release Price: $14.99

Press Contact

Contact: Dallas C



The Day We Fall is a post-apocalyptic 2D turn-based RPG being developed in Unity 5. The game features rapid turn-based combat and no repeating enemies. The setting occurs in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains, and the story explores the first day after the apocalypse. The player plays as an elderly community man (roughly age 70) who is trying to prevent his own tiny corner of the world from crumbling. 

  • Rapid combat - high damage, low health, and fast turns mean no turn-based combat slogging

  • No repeating enemies - every new fight is a novel encounter

  • Roleplaying emphasis - intro has the option to play through the protagonist's early life to set his stats and backstory

  • Unique spin on the apocalypse setting - story takes place as the apocalypse happens, not years after

  • Branching storyline - watch the town reshape itself around you as you make decisions

  • Highly replayable - differing intros and branches can change how you will play the game

The Day We Fall Combat UI Screenshot
Demo Video
The Day We Fall Player Getting Shot Screenshot
The Day We Fall Player Getting Critically Melee Hit With A Chainsaw Screenshot
The Day We Fall Player Shooting Enemy Screenshot
The Day We Fall Overworld Screenshot

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