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The Day We Fall is a 2D, post-apocalyptic, turn-based RPG scheduled for release in mid-2018.


The Day We Fall features extremely fast-paced turn-based combat. Most battles will only last a couple of turns. There are no repeating enemies. Combat is built to be constantly novel.

You can see a mid-alpha combat demo here.


The game begins about 1 minute after the apocalypse occurs. You play as an elderly community man trying to save his own tiny corner of the world: the town he grew up in. You get to see the town's struggle for survival as the residents try to deal with what's happening, and get to try to save what you can.


In the intro, roleplayers will have the option to determine the protagonist's stats by playing through a text-based representation of his entire life. An abbreviated intro will be available for players who want to get right into gameplay.

Release Date

The most up-to-date estimate for release is mid-2018.